Challenge Ropes Course Services

Challenge Ropes Course Services


Challenge Ropes Course Services

Our Challenge Ropes Course is designed to elicit a sense of adventure, suspense, and fun through a variety of experiential activities using the Adventure Education model.

Participants will be encouraged to go beyond their perceived boundaries within a supportive group environment as they encounter a merging of intellectual, social, physical, and emotional types of learning.

The University of Saint Joseph Challenge Ropes Course has seventeen low elements, which require no safety equipment other than the care of your group members, and ten high elements, which require the participants to use climbing equipment and are belayed by highly trained experiential educators.

Team-Building Tools

  • Ice breakers
  • De-inhibitizers
  • Communication-building activities
  • Trust-building activities
  • Personal safety and spotting
  • Group problem-solving initiatives
  • Non-traditional games
  • Climbing equipment and knots
  • Low-challenge course elements
  • High-challenge course elements

For further information on pricing and options, please contact:
Justin McGlamery, Coordinator, Adventure Education
[email protected] 860.231.5790