Teambuilding Services

Teambuilding Services



University of Saint Joseph Adventure Education designs and facilitates customized teambuilding/professional development programs that help group/team members gain a greater sense of community while engaging in activities with team building outcomes with a focus on professional development and learning new approaches to group development and engagement.

Additionally, University of Saint Joseph Adventure Education facilitates people within the program to engage in an ongoing dialogue of personal and group empowerment that leads to individual and team reflection and growth and an emphasis on the collaborative strength that is formed when all team members work together to create a meaningful and synergistic group environment.


University of Saint Joseph Adventure Education believes great teams are built when people do fun activities together – activities that have:

  • Significant challenges to overcome
  • Significant interaction between colleagues
  • Obstacles which present new surprises
  • Motivating, empathetic, and relevant facilitation of the group
  • A relevance to work and life activities, allowing meaningful and functional transfer of learning

Team Building Format

A hospitable environment for learning is created by setting expectations for behavior as well as empowering each individual with the ability to have some control over his/her participation and contributions to the group.  Once the group has adjusted to the set of norms they help create, they are briefed on a set of guidelines for an initiative problem with immediately measurable results.  Initiatives problems are typically large-scale team puzzles or challenges.  Teams are then given limited resources and a set amount of time to plan the action steps for the initiative.  Finally, the facilitator adds unanticipated obstacles – and the group is challenged to continue to be successful – mirroring work/life environments. 

During teambuilding initiatives and activities participants often exhibit the same behaviors they would in their usual work/classroom/group dynamics.  It is during these moments, when participants reveal their true selves, in which the opportunities for success or failure become evident and provide relevant material for reflection and learning.  Through processing and facilitation techniques and through the open communication and dialogue created during University of Saint Joseph Adventure Education teambuilding programs, teams create shared memories and can begin to develop beneficial strategies that lead to long term positive results within their schools, classrooms, communities, and lives.


University of Saint Joseph Adventure Educators lead processing and reflection sessions after each activity.  These sessions may include the use of metaphor cards, group drawing, Socratic questions and answers, small group presentation of learning, personal reflection, as well as creating concrete plans of how the skills gained will be used in the work environment personally and professionally.

These methods for processing and facilitation have demonstrated results by using a variety of processing activities designed to actively engage each participant.  USJ Adventure Education uses processing techniques and activities to give each individual the opportunity to realize their greatest learning potential for the time spent together.  Individuals and teams will learn about the different personalities and skills of their peers.  This is learned through the hands-on nature of the activities and the highly interactive processing sessions after each activity.  University of Saint Joseph Adventure Education enables and encourages the group to take credit and responsibility for its own learning, and gives them tools that can be used immediately in the learning environment.