Teaching & Learning Center

Teaching & Learning Center

Guided by evidence and best practice in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

The Teaching & Learning Center at the University of Saint Joseph, supports faculty and enhances their ability to provide a value-centered education that prepares students as global citizens, lifelong learners, critical thinkers and informed decision makers.

Faculty, would you like to…

  • Understand what current research tells us about today's students and about how best to support meaningful and lasting student learning?
  • Try an innovative approach in a course you teach?
  • Redesign a course to encourage deeper student engagement with the material?
  • Learn to use technologies that facilitate or enhance student learning?
  • Discover mid-semester how students are experiencing your class—and follow up with adjustments?
  • Exchange ideas about effective teaching with other instructors?

Then the Teaching & Learning Center is the place to visit.  

Want to test student work for plagiarism? Turnitin.com allows professors to submit student papers and run them against an Internet search and millions of other student papers to see if there are significant similarities. The result is an originality report. Ask Teaching & Learning Center for an orientation, and provide you the University account number and password.  

walsh-kaitlin-150x225.jpgCome and visit us on campus, McDonough Hall Lower Level, or call Kaitlin Walsh, Ph.D., Instructional Designer, at 860.231.5852 for a consultation.

Our Mission

The Teaching & Learning Center fosters a vibrant academic community that values teaching and learning at the University of Saint Joseph.