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great mentors, collaborators and true sources of support for our students.

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Professors Emeriti

Ann-Margaret Anselmo, ’46, DAA’13, Ph.D.  
Kathleen A. Butler, Ph.D. Professor Emerita of Education  
Vivian Carlson, Ph.D.  
Lydia M. Conca, Ph.D. Professor Emerita  
Ronald W. DeGray, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, Department of Mathematical Sciences  
Nancy Drew, Ph.D.  
Judith C. Durham, Ph.D. Professor Emerita  
Esther Haloburdo, Ph.D.  
Joan Hofmann, Ph.D. Professor Emerita of Special Education  
Barbara A. Kathe, Ph.D.  
Catherine Kikoski, Ed.D.  
Barbara E. Lacey, Ph.D.  
Elizabeth Markham, Ph.D.  
Peter Markow, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus  
Harold McKone, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus  
Karen Palmunen, Ph.D.  
Judith Perkins, Ph.D.  
Shyamala Raman, Ph.D. Professor Emerita  
Julius H. Rubin, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus  
Marylouise Welch, Ph.D. Faculty Emerita  
Mary Alice Wolf, Ed.D. Professor Emerita of Gerontology  

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