Gerald DeStefano, M.B.A., R.Ph.

Gerald DeStefano, M.B.A., R.Ph.

Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice and Administration

Jerry DeStefano is a Senior Drug Control Agent with the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection’s Drug Control Division, which is responsible for enforcing all laws and regulations concerning the distribution of drugs within Connecticut. Mr. DeStefano graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy in 1985, with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, and the UCONN School of Business in 1998 with a master’s degree in Business Administration. He practiced pharmacy in both retail and hospital settings for approximately 10 years prior to joining the Drug Control Division in 1995. He was promoted to Senior Drug Control Agent in 2003.

At the Drug Control Division Mr. DeStefano is responsible for supervising the day to day operations. He oversees the work of field agents, provides staff training, and acts as a liaison with other units, agencies and outside officials regarding unit policies and procedures. Along with the director of Drug Control, Mr. DeStefano has helped to shape Connecticut State pharmacy law and the practice of pharmacy in Connecticut over the past seven years.

Mr. DeStefano has completed special training from various state and federal agencies including the Police Officers Standards Training Academy and the Drug Enforcement Administration.  He is the former lead agent for the division’s Hospital Inspection Team and was in charge of narcotics training for new recruits at the Police Academy in Meriden.

Mr. DeStefano is a 2005 recipient of the prestigious Governor’s Service Award for outstanding state service. He has been an adjunct professor at the University of Hartford, teaching pharmacology to physical therapy students and students in health related fields, and has lectured on Drug Law and Regulation to numerous medical and law enforcement professionals, consumer groups, and educational groups before joining University of Saint Joseph.