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Mark Johnson, Ph.D.

Mark Johnson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology

johnsonm_profilepage.jpgDr. Mark Johnson is on a mission.  His aim is to help students resurrect their child-like curiosity.  "I want to vaccinate students against educational bulimia.  Rather than regurgitate information back to me, I want students to truly understand concepts and be excited by them."

Much of Dr. Johnson's perspective is based within the concept of "whole systems study." Dr. Johnson contends, "Everything is related to everything else. Microbiology, the environment, health care, people-it's all part of the same system."  Dr. Johnson proves this point through research, experimentation, and classroom teaching.   Among his latest research projects is a joint venture with his students. Dr. Johnson continues, "We examined the Connecticut River in Spring 2004 and found a bacterium that was resistant to the antibiotic vancomycin.  This is a bit scary since this is an antibiotic that is held in reserve by medical doctors to treat bacterial infections that are resistant to other drugs." The repercussions of bacteria having acquired resistance to vancomycin, being capable of surviving in the wild, according to Dr. Johnson, "could be devastating to the health care industry and to people in general."   As a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists, Dr. Johnson advocates for legislation that would prohibit agricultural suppliers from selling antibiotics to farmers for use as "growth promoters," since this is one of the ways that drug resistant bacteria are created; a case of ecological irresponsibility generating major medical problems.

Dr. Johnson was also selected by the National Science Foundation to be part of an Antarctic study and research program. Chosen out of hundreds of people, Dr. Johnson was in Antarctica for six weeks studying the ecology of organisms that live in the coldest continent on earth.  He describes the experience as "extremely transformative."

Academic Degrees

Ph.D., Biology. University of Alabama
B.A., Whole Systems Studies. Fairhaven College, Western Washington University 

contact information

Phone: 860.231.5520
E-mail: mdjohnson@usj.edu 
Web Page: mdjohnson 
Department Web Page: Biology 

recent research/publications/presentations 

Stanley, Emily H., Johnson, Mark D., Ward, Amelia K., "Evaluating the Influence of Macrophytes on Algal and Bacterial Production in Multiple Habitats of a Freshwater Wetland," Limnology and Oceanography, 48(3): 1101-1111 JOURNAL ARTICLE, 2003.

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Abstracts & Presentations

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Grants, Fellowships, and Awards

NSF grant (# 0116398), A Networked Scanning Probe Microscope for Research Training, $210,900 est. 2001-2003.

University of New England Research Committee Grant to provide stipend for student participation in study of cold adaptation in protests, ($2,000), 2001-2002.

NSF grant (9952305), Improving Biology Education for Non-science Majors: Environmental Change and Carbon Dynamics as the Focus of Inquiry-based Laboratories, $54,708, 2000-2003.

National Science Foundation (NSF) Antarctic Program Fellowship, 1998-1999.

York River Project Grant, an experimental service learning class, 1996-1997.

Naval Research Grant and Bernard Davis Scholarship, Woods Hole, Marine Biological Laboratory, Massachusetts, 1991.

Five Graduate Council and Graduate Council Research Fellowships, UA., 1990-1995.

Joab Thomas Scholarship, UA, 1994.

Three William Inge & Ilouise Hill Scholarships, UA, 1991-1992-1993.

Harvey Gelder Scholarship for "outstanding performance in math or science," Fairhaven College, WWU, 1989.