Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Intelligences

Take part in a transformational educational experience with an M.A. in Multiple Intelligences.

USJ’s Master of Arts with a concentration in Multiple Intelligences is a signature program and is offered in conjunction with the Arts Integration through Multiple Intelligences Project (AIMI).

 The program is notable for its collaboration with the National Dance Institute from New York City during the six-credit summer course, EDUC 513 Curricular Applications of Multiple Intelligences, a transformational experience for educators and students alike. Contact us to learn more.

M.A. in Multiple Intelligences Concentration:

Core Courses – 6 credits:

Concentration Courses – 9 credits:

  • EDUC 513 Curricular Applications of Multiple Intelligences (6 credits)
  • EDUC 565 Multiple Intelligence Theory and the Arts (3 credits)

Elective Courses – 15 credits:

  • Your faculty advisor will help you select elective courses (500 level) for the Master of Arts planned program.
  • If you are enrolled in a Teacher Licensure program in the School of Education, you may apply 15 credits of Teacher Licensure courses (500 level) as the electives. 
  • You may choose to take elective courses from other USJ departments in consultation with the faculty advisor.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Susan Johns