Child Study

Child Study

Learn to work with children and families in a range of social service or educational settings.

As a USJ Child Study interdisciplinary major, you will learn to better understand children (birth through adolescence) and their families from a variety of perspectives.

Child Study is an approved major for students interested in teaching at the early childhood or elementary levels. Contact us to learn more, or apply today. 

Child Study Internship Opportunities:

You will choose two internships from more than 80 approved agencies, which may include:

  • Connecticut Department of Children & Families
  • Catholic Charities
  • Connecticut Juvenile/Family Courts
  • Connecticut Birth to Three Systems
  • Pregnant & Parenting Teen Services
  • Youth Services Bureaus 

Accelerated Master's Degree Programs:

Qualified students can take graduate-level courses during senior year, toward completion of an undergraduate degree, and transfer those credits into the master's program.  This results in significant financial and time saving. Program options include:

Plan of Study:

A proposed sequence of courses for HDFS majors in Child Study can be found in our online catalog.

Career Opportunities for Child Study Majors:

Human Services and State Agencies:

  • Case Worker (Department of Children and Families or adoption agencies)
  • Youth Service Worker (town or city Department of Youth Services)
  • Residential Counselor or Direct Care Counselor (residential treatment facilities)
  • Behavioral Case Worker (behavioral therapy with children with special needs)
  • Juvenile Detention Officer, Probation Officer, Truancy Officer or Child Advocate (CT juvenile justice system)
  • Child Care Resource (referral or hot lines, call centers)
  • Lobbyist or Child Advocate for Children's Issues
  • Parent Educator (family resource centers)
  • Family Counselor (nonprofit agencies or shelters)

Early Care and Education (Positions that do not require a CT teaching certificate):

  • Teacher (private or parochial schools)
  • Teacher (child care program or after-school program)
  • Teacher, Home Visitor, or Educational Coordinator, Head Start or Early Head Start
  • Early Intervention Associate, CT Birth-to-Three System
  • Character Educator (social skills groups in urban schools or community agencies)
  • Educational Consultant or One-on-one Aide (with children with special needs)

Public School Teaching (Positions requiring a CT teaching certificate. See USJ Education department for more information):