Faculty and Staff

Meet the faculty and staff of the School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Our faculty and staff are experts in their fields, recognized in Connecticut and nationally for their pioneering work in English, fine and performing arts, history, languages, philosophy, psychology and religious studies. Contact us to learn more.

Wayne Steely, Ph.D. Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences  
Dennis Barone, Ph.D. Professor of English and American Studies  
Nancy Billias, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy  
Kevin J. Callahan, Ph.D. Professor of History, Chair, Department of History and Society  
Ann Marie Caron, RSM, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Religious Studies  
Reverand Joseph Cheah, OSM, Ph.D. Professor of Religious Studies and Theology  
Kristin Henkel Cistulli, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology  
Jennifer Cote, Ph.D. Associate Professor of History  
Agnes B. Curry, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy  
Kerry Driscoll, Ph.D. Professor of English  
Catherine E. Hoyser, Ph.D. Professor of English  
Maryam Jernigan-Noesi, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology  
Dorothy Keller, M.Ed. Professor of Fine Arts  
Lisa Kuntz, Ed.D. Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology  
Kenneth J. Long, Ph.D. Professor of History and Political Science  
Kathleen M. Mullin, J.D. Director, Criminal Justice Program  
Susan Murphy, M.A. Instructor of Dance  
Rachel Payne, DML Assistant Professor of Spanish  
Benjamin Peters, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Religious Studies  
Diana P. Valencia, Ph.D. Professor of Spanish; Chair, Department of Culture, Arts, and Languages  
Elizabeth Vozzola, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology  
Mary Whitney, Ph.D. Chair, Department of Psychology  
Mark Zelinsky, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English  
Ann Egan Executive Assistant to the Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies  
Anita Sladyk Administrative Assistant  

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