USJ Homeschool Academy

USJ Homeschool Academy

Experience learning in a University setting

Join your peers and get a taste of the college experience.

USJ is offering courses for homeschool students who want to experience learning in a university setting with a group of their peers. The courses provide students with the laboratory and learning resources used by college students. Led by specially trained staff with supervision from university faculty, the courses incorporate innovative teaching methods, cutting-edge content, and a nurturing environment.

Students attending the Homeschool Academy might also be eligible to take one university course per semester and they will earn college credits.  More information will be available at the November 16 open house or by email at

Course Information

Homeschool students ages 12-17 can enroll in up to two classes for the Spring Semester. Classes start January 18, 2017 and run through May 3, 2017.

Students may choose to enroll in the following courses:

Spring Semester

  1. History/Geography 2
    USJ Supervising Faculty: Jennifer Cote, Ph.D.
    Wednesdays, 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

    The second half of the Social Studies course will focus on American history, covering the years from the American Revolution through the 1960s. It will rely on primary documents and group work, and operate on the assumption that students have familiarized themselves with chronological content knowledge before coming to class. Students will learn to comprehend visual and written artifacts, assess such evidence for veracity, complexity, and argument, and use them to address key historical questions. Geography will be included as students examine how place shapes historical experience. Class time will be spent working on document analysis and drafting the answers to complex historical questions. Tests on geographic knowledge will help students gain a sense of historical and contemporary place.

  2. Earth Science: Soil Science, Climate Science, Hydrology and Environmental Science 2
    USJ Supervising Faculty: Kirsten Martin, Ph.D.
    Wednesdays, 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

    This course continues the examination of topics within the fields of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Students will learn through readings, class presentations and discussions, and laboratory and field exercises.  In this course, students will study how human actions impact environmental quality.  Climate Science will focus on understanding the essential principles of Earth’s climate system, assessing scientifically credible information about climate, and making informed and responsible decisions with regard to actions that may affect climate. In the environmental science component, students will learn how populations, communities, and landscapes are interconnected, and how abiotic characteristics impact biotic characteristics.

Tuition and Fees

Each course cost $630, including fees. Deposits of $100 per course are due by January 10, 2017 with full payment due by January 15, 2017.

Pay Online

To pay online using credit card or e-check, visit

  • Select "University of Saint Joseph Online Payment System"
  • Select "Home School Academy Deposit" or "Home School Academy Tuition Payment"

Payment by Check or Money Order

Make checks payable to:
University of Saint Joseph Homeschool Academy

Please remit payment to:
University of Saint Joseph
Cashier's Office
1678 Asylum Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06117

Questions about payment? Call 860.231.5266.


Registration is due by January 10 for Spring 2017 course enrollment.


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