Registration Information

Registration Information

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Note: Students in one of the Off-Campus Education Cohort programs will be registered automatically based on their Cohort Registration Form.

Minimum Registration Requirements for all Graduate Students

To enroll in a USJ graduate program, you must complete and submit the following documents to the Office of Graduate Admissions before your initial registration will be approved:

  • Completed application
  • $50 application fee
  • Unofficial or official transcript
    • Must show date of conferral from a regionally-accredited institution
    • Must meet program's prerequisite GPA and courses

Initial Registration Process for all Graduate Students

All graduate students who have never registered for coursework at USJ must register for coursework on paper the first time. Graduate students should complete the following steps to have their paper registration processed:

  1. Obtain – Begin your initial registration using a physical registration form made available online, in the Registrar's Office, or in the Office of Graduate Admissions. 
  2. Complete – Complete the registration form using the Course Search feature on MyUSJ. This feature provides the course code, date/time, instructor, and textbook information for the course, as well as the number of seats still available.
  3. Submit – Submit the registration form to the Registrar's Office by walk-in, scan/email, or fax. The contact information for the Registrar's Office is made available in the top left corner of the physical registration form.

Once initial registration has been processed, an email detailing how you can obtain access to your student email, MyUSJ or Blackboard will be sent to your personal email account. 

Future Registration Options for Non-Matriculated or Non-Degree Seeking Graduate Students

Non-matriculated students and non-degree seeking students must continue to register for classes on paper each semester. Follow the steps provided in the section above to register.

Note: Non-matriculated students may only register for six credits before they must formally matriculate into a program.

Future Registration Options for Matriculated Graduate Students

Matriculated students who have already completed coursework at USJ have the option of the registering for coursework online or on paper. To register for coursework online, access the Add-Drop Courses - Course Search option from the left toolbar of the "Student" tab on MyUSJ to complete your registration. To continue registering for coursework on paper, follow the steps provided above.