Private Scholarships and Employment

Private Scholarships and Employment

Private Scholarships:

Although the primary sources of grants and scholarships are the federal government, state governments and the University, many local and private organizations offer merit- and need-based scholarships to assist students with their college expenses. Explore these sources through your high school guidance office, local library, and the Internet. Also visit the Student Financial Services Office for opportunities housed in the Bruyette/TD Bank Financial Literacy Center.

Employment Opportunities:

Financial aid packages may include one or more of the following employment opportunities:

  • Federal Work Study (FWS) (Need-based)
  • University Student Employment (Non-need based)


  • Work-study is an estimated amount that students can earn by working at a job, usually on campus.
  • Work-study positions are not assigned.
  • Typically students work up to 19 hours per week and usually earn minimum wage.
  • This award is not deducted from the student's bill; students are paid bi-weekly for actual hours worked.
  • Although USJ is committed to providing students with work opportunities, jobs are not guaranteed.
  • If students are unable to find work-study jobs, they are not responsible for payment of the amount awarded to them on their Financial Aid Award Letter.
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