In Memoriam

In Memoriam


The University of Saint Joseph has a tradition of remembering deceased alumni, family, and friends at the Chapel Bells Mass. This special liturgy will be held in November of 2017 in The Connor Chapel of Our Lady, During the Mass, the Chapel Bells will be rung in memory of those who have passed away after October 14, 2016.

If you learn of a recently deceased alumna/us, please contact Rita Bayer at 860.231.5462 or

The Chapel Bells will ring for the following alumni:

  • Jean Ahern Uchneat '44
  • Frances Wren Grahn '45
  • Patricia P. Austin '47, P'74, P'76
  • Margaret Donahue Bernard '47
  • Ann Draper Hayes '47
  • Sally Ann Daly Meredith '47
  • Helen Ferrell Fazzina '48
  • Mary McDonough Rosehill '48
  • Marie Reiske Bozzi '49
  • Kathryn Cootware Bonyai '51
  • Jeanne Anderson Howard '52
  • Lucia DeDominicis Maccarone '52, P'80
  • Jean Quirk O'Hurley '52
  • Jacquelyn Keenan Carroll '53
  • Lois Dorsey Cosgrove '54
  • Patricia Benny Cross '56
  • Marion Blesso O'Donnell '65
  • Marian Slezak, RSM '66
  • Lillian Rubin Zietz '66
  • Frances X. Flaherty M'69, P'82
  • Michael E. Kripas M'70
  • Mary Baldwin Brady M'72
  • Aileen Laudano Colello '75
  • Denis F. Mullane H'90
  • Cheryl A. Stevenson '92, M'04
  • Judith Goolsby Gorski '95
  • Gene F. Bruyette H'04, DAA'16

and for the following family and friends:

  • Vincenza S. Aloschi P'88  (mother of Lucille Aloschi-Cremese '88, M'01)
  • Teresa L. Annulli P'80 (mother of Christine Annulli Pettit '80)
  • Kathleen A. Autorino (sister-in-law of Anthony Autorino, former USJ Trustee)
  • Isabella E. Bond (mother of Sarah Bond, staff member at School for Young Children)
  • Delizia J. Conochalla (mother of Angela Conochalla '63)
  • Anthony J. Dougherty P'82 (father of Kathleen Dougherty Morris '82)
  • Britt Majken Flanagan P'69 (mother of Gail Flanagan Riemer '69)
  • William R. Flanagan P'69 (father of Gail Flanagan Riemer '69)
  • Marion E. Harrigan P'69 (mother of Catherine Harrigan DeLapp '69)
  • Thomas S. Kavanaugh P'98 (father of Alison Dillon M'98)
  • Ansgar Mantel (husband of Susanne Wiest Mantel '84)
  • James E. McKeon (brother of Sister Patricia M. McKeon M'73)
  • Irene T. Riley (sister-in-law of Marguerite Riley '38)
  • Edward B. Stiles (brother of Maureen Stiles Dammling '66)
  • Carolina Taubert Smith P'69, GP'97, GP'98 (mother of Carol Taubert Siro '69, and grandmother of Christel Siro '97 and Laura Siro '98
  • Johanna Wolosiuk P'81 (mother of Andrea Wolosiuk Alvarado '81)