Master’s of Social Work is LIVE!

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On behalf of the University of Saint Joseph, our Graduate Admissions Office is proud to announce that the new MSW program has officially gone live!   Courses will kick off in summer 2014 for the Advance Standing tracks and then in fall 2014 for the remaining tracks.  General information about the program including statements about accreditation, admission requirements, FAQ’s, and a break down of the four tracks available to students can be found on their website or by requesting more informationApplications are now being accepted!


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MSW Open House


The Master of Social Work program will be hosting an Open House event for current students and recent graduates of our BSW program on Tuesday, October 8, 2013 at 5pm in the Crystal Room of Mercy Hall.  A presentation given by Dr. Stanley Battle and Dr. Tony De Jesus will cover the Advanced Standing option and the field practice model and there will be a question and answer session to conclude the event.  Students interested in attending the MSW Open House should contact Erika Egan ( or 860.231.5264.)

Note: There will be a Graduate Open House on Thursday, October 17, 2013 at 4:30pm in the Crystal Room of Mercy Hall where interested parties from outside of the USJ community can come and have their questions answered about the MSW Program.

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In Debt to Your Degree


Usually I reserve the space in our “Outside Resources” section of this blog for articles that are written specifically for the viewing pleasure new applicants but I came across the article that has I think has value to both students who are already enrolled  as well as some applicants worried about how graduate school with affect their income and lifestyle.  If that’s you, feel free to take a look at Professor Pennywise’s article on the Chronicles of Higher Education titled “In Debt to Your Agree” which  will offer somewhat basic but often times overlooked strategies for dealing with the accured debt and costs of going to graduate school. 

“As strains of “Pomp and Circumstance” waft across the perfumed spring air, it seems just the time for Pennywise to take up cudgels against the staggering debt levels plaguing university graduates.  Both undergraduates and those seeking a Ph.D. all too often find themselves in the cold embrace of debt these days.  (Continue reading…)


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Back in Action


Welcome back to the USJ Graduate Admissions blog!  We apologize for the lack of information over the summer months!  That time period is always long and busy for us with the majority of students looking to start their graduate programs in fall.

Quick Updates:

  • The University had their largest Graduate School headcounts in new students (281) and credit hours (2290) for a single semester in fall 2013.  These figures are significant 36% and 20% (respectively) jumps from the preceding semester with highest new student enrollment which was fall 2012.
  • To help support that increase, the Office of Graduate Admissions and Academic Services has hired a new Graduate Admissions Counselor, Trae Alston-Swan.  Trae recently completed his bachelor’s degree at Assumption College in Worcester, MA and will be an active participant in future postings on this blog.  Welcome aboard, Trae!
  • The University is introducing a Master of Social Work program that will begin in fall 2014.  More information will be available on our website ( in the coming weeks. 


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Summer Hours


The Office of Graduate Admissions and Academic Services will be going back to an 8:30am-4:30pm business day starting the week of April 29, 2013.   Late hours that have take place on Monday-Wednesday from the past months will be re-started at the end of summer.


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Fall Registration Opens Today


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen!  This year we’re trying something new in regards to our fall registration and here’s the Reader’s Digest version:  Today marks the first day that matriculated students can register for graduate courses.  In the past, non-matriculated students could register the same day but this year we’re pushing off the dates that non-matriculated students can register until July 15 so it gives our matriculated student precedent on the seats available in a given class. 

What’s the difference?

Matriculated students are admitted and enrolled in a graduate student.

Non-matriculated students are either attempting to complete coursework before being admitted to a program or they are only interested in completing coursework versus being in a graduate program.

Once a student is eligible to register, they should follow the instructions on to complete their initial registration.

Short List of Fall Registration Dates:

April 8 – Matriculated students can register

May 1 – Employees can register

July 15 – Non-matriculated students can register

August 19 – Students interested in auditing can register



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How New Graduate Students Should Spend Their Summers


The birds are chirping, there’s almost no snow in sight, and it’s bearable to go outside with a light jacket on!  Soon enough … we’ll be wishing for snow because we’ll be in the middle of a hot and humid New England summer.  While you’re sitting at home in your air conditioning or hanging out by the pool, here’s a short article for you to read about preparing for your graduate program.  The article titled “How New Graduate Students Should Spend Their Summers” by Julie Miller Vick and Jennifer Furlong appeared on the Chronicle for Higher Education’s website in the career section. 

“One of the perks that still exist, at least in some parts of academe, is a slower pace of work during summer. For graduate students, it’s often a chance to carve out large blocks of time for substantial research projects. Yet August often arrives too quickly, and many students find they haven’t accomplished what they set out to do.”  (Continue reading here…)


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Explore Graduate School Funding Options Early

Thought the article U.S. News & World Reports “Explore Graduate School Funding Options Early” by Dr. Doc Martin was a great, quick read for those students in the planning process of returning to Graduate School.   We all know that money is a big factor in every decision we make and this article details a few things to consider before determining how you’ll pay for the graduate degree. 


“As you prepare for graduate school, one of the major questions you will encounter is how you will finance your education.”  (Continue Reading here…)

As for the University of Saint Joseph, we are interested in helping students finance their degree through financial aid or our Graduate Assistantship Program.  Financial aid is available to all graduate students matriculated into a Master degree program and taking a minimum of six credits in the semesters they would like to receive aid; however, financial aid at the graduate level is all federal loans (no scholarships.)  The Graduate Assistantship Program will soon be taking applications for the 2013-2014 academic year and helps matriculated on-campus and online graduate students pay for their degree in exchange for working in a specific department on campus.  All Graduate Assistantship information is available to current students on the Graduate tab of MyUSJ and any questions can directed to me (860.231.5879 or





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It’s Time to Go Back to School

Earlier today, a few members of our office were having a discussion about whether graduate schools should require resumés and that led us into a discussion about job experience and it’s relation to age.  It’s an interesting topic in higher education, particularly graduate schools, because our population is so diverse.   While there has been increases to the number of students applying to graduate schools across the country right out of their undergraduate program, there is and always has been a population of middle-aged adults who might be looking to advance themselves at their current position or switch careers all together.  It also helps that this graduate population conversation always gets really stimulating in our office because I represent one of these populations (being in my mid 20s and having gone to graduate school immediately after receiving my undergraduate degree) and the Director and Associate Director both having gone back to complete graduate degrees later in life.  

Anyways, (sorry for rambling…) but this made me think about one of the articles I recently read that was discussing why now is the time that more middle-aged adults should return to school and I thought I’d share it with you.  The article was written by Margaret  Loftus and appears in the Grad Schools section of US News.  Here’s a snapshot…


“As the owner of an independent bookstore, Patrick McDermott made a living by sharing his love of fiction with others. Until the Internet sounded the death knell for his store, that is.

“Meeting the mortgage and raising a daughter—by 2008, I knew I had to make a leap,” he says. So at age 53, he went back to school, seeking a master’s in education at the University of Puget Sound.”  (Continue reading here…)

Hope you enjoy the read!


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4 Grad School Myths Debunked

Found this article written by Dr. Don Martin on the U.S. News & World Reports website that offered some valuable insight into proving wrong a few of the most common graduate school myths going today!


“The decision to go to graduate school can be scary. After all, millions of Americans face stagnating wages, impending layoffs, and seemingly chronic unemployment. Is now a good time to think about going to grad school? Absolutely.”  (Continue Reading here…)

I can speak candidly about each one of these myths because we see it everyday working in an admissions office!  The myth that hit home the most for me was about affording college.  I’ve completed a graduate program myself and I have a ton of friends and siblings currently going to various institutions across New England for both undergraduate and graduate work.  Some of them might be getting assisted by an upscale economic background or a parent but not all of them are fortunate when it comes to have stability to pay for school.  Many have worked for their institution as a student worker or graduate assistant to help assist with the cost of their tuition and from my point of view, it’s the smartest thing you could possibly do!  Even if you have some money put away to come back to school or you’re okay with getting loans to take courses, a Graduate Assistantship Program doesn’t just push your cost  back into your later years … it eliminates cost!  Our Graduate Assistantship Program will waive either 6 or 12 credits per academic year for someone who is hired to be a graduate assistant and all that’s asked in return is 112 hours of support for each three credits waived so not only are you getting financial assistance but you’re getting workplace experience!  Our application period is coming up in April for the next academic year and I strongly urge all of you to consider it.  We put information about the program on the Graduate tab of MyUSJ and/or you can email if you’d like to be notified when the application is available.


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