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Grade Open House Update & Transfer Credit Review

We’d like to start by thanking those students, staff, and faculty members who attended the Graduate Information Session this past Thursday.  It was one of our most attended information sessions of the last two years thanks in large part to a

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+ and -’s of Rolling Admissions

Happy Friday all!  I wanted to venture into another hot button topic today because it’s something that not a lot of our students truly understand due to the fact that not a lot of other colleges and universities use it.  The Graduate School at the University of Saint

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What is a Non-Degree Seeking Student?

Welcome back!  We hope everyone had a nice holiday break and got to spend some quality time with their family!  Definitely thankful that we had some nice travel days as opposed to the way it looked this morning on my way into work!

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Change in the Air, Part II

Its a mild November afternoon and as you can tell from our posts that in just last few weeks, we’ve had our first snowfall and all the leaves having fallen off the trees on campus but the weather/season isn’t the only thing changing in West Hartford! 

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Our Snowy Information Session Reminder

Today is one of the days that many New England residents fear most during this time of the year, the first snowfall.  It’s definitely starting to feel and look like winter out there with the cold air, the white ground, and the wet roads! Should

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Writing a Killer Letter of Intent

The graduate application process can seem like a daunting task. There are so many facets to it that prospective students will sometimes succumb to “paralysis of analysis”, causing unnecessary delays in submitting their application in a timely fashion. This post

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