Change in the Air, Part II

Its a mild November afternoon and as you can tell from our posts that in just last few weeks, we’ve had our first snowfall and all the leaves having fallen off the trees on campus but the weather/season isn’t the only thing changing in West Hartford! 

Here’s an assortment of things coming up that pertain to our current graduate students and/or students who may be interested in our graduate programs:

Course Registration: Yesterday the registration period for non-admitted graduate students (students that are non-degree seeking or are eligible to register for their initial six credits before completing the entire admission process) opened and today marked the start of the registration period for all employees taking graduate classes.  Classes are definitely starting to fill up across the board so if you haven’t already registered, you may want to do so soon!  Registration for online classes will continue until January 22 and registration for on-campus classes will continue until January 31.  More information on registering for classes is available on our website.

Graduate Admissions Office: This week our office added three new pages to our webpage that will help students currently in the admission process.  The first page that explains the actual admission process separately for both non-degree and degree seeking students, the second page explains our admission requirements in greater detail, and the last page is provides better contact information for those students who need to get in touch with our office. 

Fall Semester Courses: Thanksgiving is upcoming which will only affect those students that take classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays but all the fall courses will be over by December 10 with all final exams falling between December 12-15.  Students who are completing their program this semester are scheduled to have their degrees conferred on December 30.  Those students will receive their diploma 10-12 weeks after degree conferral; however, transcripts should be available that show the completed degree in January 2013.

Application Deadline
: Our institution uses rolling admissions so there is no hard deadline to start in the spring semester; however, some of our programs may hit their seat capacity on their first couple courses so students will who delay in applying, being admitted, and/or getting to the point where they can register for coursework may be pushed off until a summer or fall start.  All students who want to begin in spring must have completed an application, paid their $50 application fee, and submitted a transcript that shows degree conferral from a regionally-accredited institution and meets the program’s minimum GPA and course prerequisites on file before their registration can be approved.

Financial Aid: The deadline to apply for financial aid for students who wish to enroll in the spring semester is fast upcoming!  You can contact the Financial Aid Office at 860.231.5223 for more information. 

Graduate Information Session: The next information session will take place Thursday, December 6, 2012 from 4:30pm-6:30pm in the Bruyette on campus.  There will be representatives from most of the graduate programs available to talk to those that attend and two 4:30pm presentations for students interested in Teacher Licensure and the M.S. in Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis.  Anyone who completes an application at the information session will also have their $50 application fee waived!


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