Change in the Air

It’s a cold, overcast October day in West Hartford with the feel of fall in the air and on the trees.  The University of Saint Joseph doesn’t have any classes in session today because of the Columbus Day holiday which gives our office the perfect time to reflect on the changing of the seasons around here.  

While the Graduate School is currently enjoying one of it highest enrolled semesters ever at the University of Saint Joseph, it’s already that time that we all take the time to prepare ourselves for the next semester!  With that being said, in only three short weeks both Halloween and the start of the Spring 2013 registration period for graduate students will be upon us.  Note: Admitted students can register for classes on November 1,  non-accepted and non-degree seeking students can register for classes on Novemeber 14, and employees can register November 15. 

While many of our current students are using this time to keep up with coursework, do some of the costume shopping, and prepare their next semester, others are still trying to figure out whether the University of Saint Joseph is the place they want to complete their graduate degree or whether our institution even offers a program that fits their interests.  Our Graduate School is proud to start two new programs (The Doctorate of Nursing Practice and the Gerontology graduate certificate program) for the upcoming spring semester.  Both of these programs will be offered online and more information about them (and any of our current programs) can be reviewed on

I’ll be in touch over the next few weeks to discuss some of the changes my office is making to improve the admissions process and to highlight some  upcoming events and information that I think may interest some of you!  In the mean time, I hope everyone stays warm and enjoys my favorite season of the year! 


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