DNP Open House Review

Welcome.  This past Monday, December 10, 2012, the Nursing department greeted ten of our future DNP students in an Open House in the Nursing lab here on campus.  Faculty members Gina Reiners, Nora Zinan, Susan Lynch, Kim Joerg, Heidi Smolka and Pamela Aselton were on hand to talk about the program and what to expect in terms of coursework and potential research projects.  The topic of discussion was based on the  upcoming courses the students will be taking as we open our Post-Master’s DNP program this coming January and this venue provided students the chance to meet each other, discuss their clinical backgrounds and research interests, and try on their new lab coats.  Specifically, Dr. Reiners shared some of the materials she will be covering in the Management and Transformation Leadership class, Dr. Aselton discussed the research projects in the upcoming Biostatistics class, and various faculty members who are graduates of other DNP programs discussed their experiences in their programs with research and clinical hours.

There will also be a new student orientation for these students on January 14th from 10-2 pm to familiarize them with our library resources and how to fully utilize the electronic databases.


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