Higher Education in the Presidential Election


Welcome back from West Hartford!  Like many of you, I’ll be leaving work today and enjoying some dinner while watching the second Presidential debate.  Since I work in the industry, I’ll be watching particularly to see if one of the closest election topics to me (higher education) is going to be on the menu.  Despite some comments about higher education being thrown around in the first debate and both parties using higher education in various cause and effect scenarios for other economic issues, higher education hasn’t really played a major role ths far in either campaign.  While higher education will always take a back seat to issues like the economy, taxes, and foreign policy, it may be an area where you (the current or prospective student) may wish to become more informed on the stances of the two candidates because this election has the potential to change the way higher education is funded and what options will be available to students.  Below are two articles I found online about the issues at play and the impact of this political race (both for the White House and for Congress) on higher education.  

“The 2012 Election: What Academe Needs to Know” – The Chronicle for Higher Education

“Higher Ed in the Next Congress” – Inside Higher Ed

On a lighter note, I’m also interested to see if anyone is actually going to take Pizza Hut’s offer about asking the candidates their favorite toppings in the town hall style debate.  Even if it doesn’t happen, I think Pizza Hut came up with an unique way to advertise their brand without putting up a penny!  


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