Spring Deadlines

Hello 2013!  We welcome everyone back to our blog as our office (and the entire institution) had from December 21-January 1 off to celebrate the holiday break!  We hope everyone had an enjoyable two weeks that included getting to spend some time with loved ones away from work!

Now that we are back in the swing of things, I want to note that students interested in taking coursework for spring really need to get a move on getting to the point where they’re eligible to do so!  Many of our programs are at or near capacity in terms of available seats in their respective coursework and others are only registering students for the next two weeks!  Below are a few deadlines to keep in mind if you’d like to register for spring courses:

Jan 17 – Deadline for new students to register for online courses

Jan 22 – Deadline for returning students to register for online courses

Jan 22- Start of spring semester

Jan 25 – Deadline to drop online courses

Jan 31 - Deadline to add on-campus courses

Feb 5 – Deadline to drop on-campus courses

For those students interested in registered for summer or fall, courses will be listed in the Course Search feature of MyUSJ sometime in late February or early March and students will be eligible to register for coursework shortly thereafter. 


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