The Graduate Assistantship Program

Happy Friday guys!  We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately from both applicants and current students about the Graduate Assistantship Program so I wanted to just give everyone a quick summary of the program. 

The Graduate Assistantship Program allows admitted graduate students the opportunity to gain valuable academic and workplace experience in exchange for tuition assistance.  Positions in the various departments across campus generally focus on doing research, teaching, and project support.  The way it works is each Graduate Assistant is hired as either part-time (waives 6 credits during the academic year) or full-time (waives 12 credits during the academic year.)  Whether part-time or full-time, that Graduate Assistant provides the department 112 hours of support each semester in which three credits are being waived.  In 2012-2013 alone, 34 Graduate Assistants were hired and $153,630 was provided to those students in the form of tuition waivers.  

In all honestly, it’s a great opportunity and I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a Graduate Assistant who wasn’t happy with the fact that they had a chance to get some work experience and help pay for their degree without taking out loans or paying out of pocket.  If you’re think you would be interested in applying for this opportunity, applications for the 2013-2014 academic year will be available during the month of April on the Graduate tab of MyUSJ.  Applications must be sent in with a current resume. If you’d still like more information before applying, there is a Graduate Assistantship Handbook viewable on the Graduate tab of MyUSJ and you can always reach out to me directly at


Note: Simply applying for the Graduate Assistantship Program does not guarantee that you will be hired by a department.  At the end of the application window, departments are sent all the applications and resumes from students interested in their department and they have an opportunity to conduct their own hiring process before finalizing their selection(s).

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