Honors Program

Honors Program

Foster your potential in the University of Saint Joseph Honors Program.

Highly talented and motivated students are invited to join this esteemed program based on academic merit and intellectual curiosity.

What is Honors at USJ?

It is a unique academic program that combines

  • Thought-provoking classroom experiences
  • Diverse extracurricular activities
  • Opportunities for independent study

It is a community of inquisitive learners who enjoy participating in a program that is

  • Academically challenging
  • Structured to nurture significant relationships
  • Seamless as it crosses disciplines and accommodates all academic areas

What should you expect? When you put bright, motivated people together, amazing things happen!

  • The classroom is a forum of stimulating ideas and conversations
  • The residence halls, where Honors students live on the same floor, cultivate a strong sense of community
  • The Honors lounge serves as a second home for commuters and all Honors students; it is a place to meet, relax, and exchange ideas

Honor students have the opportunity to present their work at conferences and study abroad to expand their knowledge. Competitive stipends are available.