The 2nd Annual Blue Jay 5K

The 2nd Annual Blue Jay 5K took place on Sunday, Nov. 12, 2017 at the University of Saint Joseph (USJ). This event encouraged the USJ staff, faculty, students, and the community to embrace a healthy lifestyle and raise funds for Hands on Hartford – a social service nonprofit organization serves Hartford’s neediest residents in the areas of food, housing, and health. Sponsored by USJ’s We-Fit program and the Department of Athletics, the Blue Jay 5K raised $285.

“The Blue Jay 5K is a fun event that allows people to meet and engage with one another. It’s focused on fitness, encouraging us to reach our health goals, and reminding us to get away from our works desks, and move. It’s a great way for the USJ community to meet each other,” said Erika Lynn Dawson Head, M.S., We-Fit Coordinator/Diversity and Employee Engagement Coordinator.

In order to prepare the USJ community, the “Couch to Blue Jay 5K” program was initiated. This nine-week program started began on Sept. 11, 2017. This program entailed interval training where participants would run, walk, and repeat for a certain amount of time. By week nine, participants would be ready to successfully complete the Blue Jay 5K.

“This is an event that Erika and I look forward to. We get to bring people together while raising money for a cause all while showing off our beautiful campus on a peaceful Sunday morning. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!” said Jackie Piscitelli, M.S., Associate Athletic Director.

This event was a success for the USJ Community. The We-Fit Program and the Department of Athletics hope to gain event more engagement, continue to build their group, and raise more funds for Hands on Hartford next year.