First-Year Students Accomplish Mission I’mPossible

After moving into the residence halls on Aug. 23, the University of Saint Joseph first-year students hit the ground running during Week of Welcome festivities. Among the community-building activities was Mission I’mPossible, an event that repeatedly stands out as a favorite among students.

Carefully designed by Justin McGlamery, adventure education coordinator, Mission I’mPossible helps students make lasting connections with one another, develop an awareness of how they fit into the core values and mission of USJ, and gain a level of comfort with the campus services and facilities.

“Mission I’mPossible is a fun, light-hearted, and low stakes way for students to begin to engage with each other, faculty and staff, and the various areas of campus that they will need to know, while connecting to the University’s mission and core values,” said McGlamery. “Through icebreaker and low-level problem solving and team building activities, students laugh, connect, learn a few things about each other, and have lots of fun making foundational memories and newfound old friends.”

Once briefed on their mission, students were grouped into their FYS classes for the morning’s adventure. They participated in intentional activities designed around the core values on the USJ Mercy Path. While venturing across campus, groups took part in events like Group Boggle, Moonball, and Cultural Diversity Group Bingo. They also documented their mission with a variety of team photos and videos that ranged from posing in front of the mailroom to staging a slow motion Kung Fu battle.

Now in its sixth year, McGlamery has found the activity to be a favorite among students. Returning student leaders repeatedly tell him it was a meaningful and memorable way to begin their time at USJ. With palpable excitement on campus again this year, the tradition has continued.

“This activity has probably been my favorite so far,” said Biochemistry major Lexie Lewis ’21. “I’ve had a lot of fun with the girls I just met. We’ve done a lot of things that I wouldn’t do in a high school setting and it’s definitely made me get out of my shell a little bit more.”

“This would be my favorite activity because the girls are interacting very well,” remarked student leader Safiyyah Elahi ’19. “They’re getting to know one another; they’re making new friends. I think it gets all the students connected.”

Congratulations on a mission well accomplished, Class of 2021!