Carol A. Millard, M.S.

Assistant Professor of Biology

Carol A. Millard, M.S.

Assistant Professor Carol Millard was drawn to Biology when she took one of Dr. Peter Markow’s classes as an undergraduate at University of Saint Joseph. “He sparked my interest in Biology and Ecology. His classes were exhilarating and enlightening.” Her interests now lie in the behavior ecology of birds and field work. Along with her students, she engages in bird-banding, and is currently involved in a research project in the study of West Nile Virus in resident populations.

Her advice to students is to “explore odd avenues, because you never know where they will lead.” In addition to encouraging student internships, she wants students to ask as many questions as possible; this is especially important for first-year students who are making the transition from high school to college life. “They have to develop their point-of-view and ferret out the time they need to get the work done. I love to help them develop their time management skills,” she adds. Assistant Professor Millard goes on to say that, “Biology is a new language. I compare it to everyday things that they are used to so they can absorb it quicker and easier.”

When asked to describe her most satisfying moment as a professor, she said: “It’s whenever a student comes in and says: ‘I’ve got it. I understand this now.’ That moment of enlightenment that shines up their faces is why we go into teaching in the first place.”

Recent Research/Publications/Presentations

Monitoring Avian Production and Survivorship (MAPS). This is a banding program that monitors communities of birds around the country. Professor Millard is doing her research in eastern Connecticut during the spring/summer of each year and students are encouraged to contact her if they would like to assist in this field work and national study of bird populations.

  • Audubon Society of Rhode Island, Smithfield, Rhode Island, “A Long-term Population Study of Kentucky Warblers,” Rhode Island Bird Society, April 1994.
  • University of Montana, Missoula, Montana, “The Effect of Adjacent Upland Habitat on Artificial Ground Nests in Red Maple Swamps,” Conference of AOU, COS, WOS, June 1994.
  • Rhode Island Natural History Survey Conference, Radisson Hotel, Warwick, Rhode Island, “The Effect of Adjacent Upland Habitat on Artificial Ground Nests in Red Maple Swamps,” October 1994.
  • “Basic Birding Mini-course, CT Audubon Center at Glastonbury, Glastonbury, Connecticut, 1996 and 1999. 

Academic Degrees

M.S., University of Rhode Island
B.S., University of Saint Joseph

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 860.231.5392