Edward Kavle, M.D.

Associate Professor of Nursing

Medical Director of Physician Assistant Program, School of Health and Natural Sciences

Joined USJ: 2012
Edward Kavle, M.D.

A Growing Role at USJ

After teaching courses in the Nursing program since 2012, Edward Kavle, M.D., accepted a new role at the University of Saint Joseph: Founding Medical Director of USJ’s upcoming Physician Assistant program. Kavle – who works at his own pediatric practice – enjoys working as a practitioner and teacher simultaneously. “When you’re teaching students, there’s newness again,” said Kavle, who has been a medical provider for more than 20 years. “Working with young people is so hopeful and positive. When you make a student excited to learn, it’s really great.”

A Lifetime Dedication to Student Mentorship

Over the course of his medical career, Kavle never lost his passion for teaching. He and his partners have consistently opened their practice to student learning by having nursing, medical, and even high school students shadow them. Kavle hopes to give them a helpful start toward a successful future in the medical field. “It’s important to help students connect to the field, because it’s hard to start a career,” he said. Kavle looks forward to expanding the shadowing program to include the future PA students at USJ. They will join students from Yale, University of Connecticut, and USJ’s Nursing program who have gained valuable experience there.

Back to Basics

Both in the classroom and in his mentorship, Kavle’s goal for teaching is simple: “To help people learn how to think.” In a world focused on the latest technology, Kavle believes a return to the tried and true methods provides the best education in his courses. Opting for pen and paper rather than tablets and software, Kavle has students focus on the content. He then teaches them how to think about medicine in order to provide the best care possible. “I teach them to think like a provider so they can be careful and prudent,” Kavle said. “I try to point out to them that the world of medicine is constantly changing and improving; if you don’t keep up and stay current then you’re not going to help your patients as well as you can.”

Academic Degrees

M.D., Temple University
B.A., Yale College

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 860.231.5389