Living on Campus, 2016-17

Living on Campus, 2016-17


USJ is making it easier to live — and thrive — on campus!

The University is reducing the cost of living on campus.  Why?

  • To meet the financial needs of students and families
  • To enhance students’ overall experience

Reduced Room & Board

For the 2016-2017 academic year

  • The price of a double room will be reduced by 8.8%
  • Meal plans will be reduced by 39%, 31%, or 20%
  • Expanded options for meal plans, including new 20, 40, & 60 block plans
  • Amenities Fee ELIMINATED

Be Prepared to Excel!

Studies show students who live on campus

  • Have a higher GPA
  • Report a higher degree of satisfaction
  • Are more likely to graduate in 4 years
  • Participate in more activities
  • Have greater self confidence & self reliance

“The thing I like best about living on campus are the friendships I made. I was involved in the Sophomore Outdoor Adventure Resident program last year and it was such an amazing experience. I made lifelong friends, who I am fortunate enough to live with again this year.” — Megan Soares '17