Top 10 Housing Questions

Top 10 Housing Questions

Get answers to your top questions about living at USJ.

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What is the housing deposit cost? 

A $250 room deposit is due when applying for housing. This deposit must be sent to the Bursar's Office, and the housing application must be completed online. 

Are single rooms available? 

A small number of single rooms are reserved for those with documented medical needs. Students need to submit medical documentation to Health Services, complete a Medical Single Application, and must clarify if a bathroom is needed. Most rooms are double occupancy.

How do you match roommates, and how can a new student choose a friend as a roommate? 

We match students based on the preference information listed on the housing application. You can request a specific person on your housing application. Both parties must mutually request each other to guarantee placement in the same room.

Will first-year students be matched with other first-years? 

Yes, as long as the housing application is received by June 15. Applications will be accepted after this date, but we cannot guarantee a match with another first-year student.

Are transfer students matched with other transfers? 

Typically, we try to match students that are new with other new students, but a transfer may be matched with a returning upper-class student.

When are letters mailed to new students about their rooms? 

Housing applications are available online on February 1 and are due back by June 15. You will receive your room confirmation letter through your USJ email account in July.

What is a 285 Block Meal plan versus a 225 Block Meal plan? 

There are 23 meals served each week (breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday – Friday; brunch and dinner are provided on Saturday and Sunday; and late night Monday - Thursday). The block meal plan is a declining balance of meals through the academic semester. First-year students and sophomore students are required to have the 285 block meal plan. Junior and senior students have the option of selecting the 285, 225 or 150 block meal plan.

What two medical documents are required to move on campus? 

A meningitis immunization and medical history/physical form must be filed with Health Services by August 1.

Can a student choose a particular building? 

For new students, typically no. The only exception is if you need a first floor room for medically documented reasons. A room selection process takes place every spring semester for returning students, where you have the chance to choose a new room or building.

What is each student provided with in their room? 

All rooms include a bed frame, twin-size mattress, desk, chair, closet, dresser, window shade and cable jack.