Symposium Day

Annual student academic showcase

Join us for USJ’s Twenty Eighth Annual Symposium Day on Wednesday, April 17th, 2024. Symposium Day is a day-long event which showcases a wide array of student research ranging from academic and professional studies in collaboration with our expert faculty mentors! It is designed to carry out the University’s mission to develop the potential of our students by offering them the opportunity to publicly demonstrate their achievements in a wide array of academic, professional and clinical studies.  

We encourage undergraduate and graduate students in all schools and departments to submit abstract proposals. Faculty can ensure a high level of academic interest and performance by identifying students whose work (papers, a study or an experiment, a piece of creative writing, or another type of creative product) would be suitable for this event. 

Symposium Day 2024 Program

The Symposium Day List of Abstracts will become available in the next few days.

Resources For Preparing Presentations

Resources for Preparing Posters

Use one of the PPT-based templates linked below for developing your research posters to be presented on Symposium Day. Several varieties are present, including an annotated version that includes information on what you might want to put into each section. Feel free to modify them as you see fit to meet your presentation goals. 

All templates included here have been sized to 36″h x 48″w, compatible with USJ’s large-format printer housed in the Pope Pius XII Library. Instructions for how to print can be found here: Secure Print Large Format Poster Printer Instructions.docx. Your poster dimensions should be 36″ by 48″, and students can print on the large format printer in the library at an estimated cost of ~$15-20 per poster. The cost needs to be on your card in advance as it can take time from when you pay on Cashnet to when you see the money available to use toward printing the poster (please confirm the money is on the card before coming to print).  Appointments are not necessary. You can open tickets if you wish to advise when a good time would be to come and print on the large format printer, but the printer is available to all students.  So, if someone not on the list comes in to use it, you will have to wait. Printing a poster takes 15-20 minutes, so you will want to plan accordingly. Please note that we are anticipating a very high volume of posters needing to be printed, so we strongly recommend that you plan to print your posters early. Do not leave it to the last minute!

IT will be managing all poster printing-related issues, but please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions!

Academic Poster Formatting Tips

General guidelines:

  • use one, or a maximum of two, typefaces
  • choose suitable font sizes for titles, body copy, etc. (see suggested ranges below) and use them consistently
  • if you use bold, italics, or underline, use them consistently
  • check if the conference or event has specific guidelines for formatting posters and follow them

Suggested ranges for font sizes of different poster sections (Remember, a typical academic poster, when printed, is MUCH larger than a laptop screen!):

  • poster title: 80-150 pts (bold recommended)
  • author name(s): 54-60 pts
  • headings: 36-40 pts
  • body text: 24-32 pts
  • figure captions: 18 pts
Serif vs sans serif typefaces
serif and sans serif typeface examples
Typeface examples image


Templates for Research Posters

Get ready for this year’s Symposium Day!

Photo Gallery

Past Symposium Day Award Winners

Outstanding Oral Presentation in the Natural Sciences

High Throughput Drug Screenings of the GABAA Receptor Aiming to Discover Prospective Ligands for The Development of New Therapeutic Drugs Treatments

Presenter: Gavin Cabral

Faculty Sponsor: Asher Brandt


Outstanding Oral Presentation in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Impact of Disability Status and Classroom Environment on Social Satisfaction for Special Education Students in Connecticut

Presenter: Julia Martocchio

Faculty Sponsor: Kristin Cistulli

Past Symposium Day Programs



Meet the committee

Andrea Courtemanche, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Associate Professor of Counseling and Applied Behavioral Studies
Anisha Gupta, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Chadene Tremaglio, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology


Email: [email protected]

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