The Agora Series

University Talks

Throughout the year, the Student Research and Creative Activity Center facilitates “The Agora,” a monthly series of research-in-progress talks open to the whole University community where faculty from all disciplines present their current scholarly projects and dialog about the next steps and the greater picture of what it all means.

2022-23 Academic Talks

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2022-23 Past Events

Wednesday, Dec. 7, 12-1 p.m

1. Examining the Dispositions, Beliefs, and Instructional Practices of teachers towards working with English Learners

-Eileen M. Gonzalez, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Program Director, Elementary Education
-Meredith McConnochie, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Program Director, Early Childhood/Special Education
Department of Education, SASBE

• We will share findings related to the Dispositions, Beliefs, and Instructional Practices of teachers regarding English Learners. We will share teacher perspectives on this topic.

2. The Experiences of Undergraduate Nursing Students with Mental Health Conditions in the Inpatient Clinical Setting

Heather Mangino, MSN, RN, Assistant Professor
Department of Nursing, SIHS

• The purpose of the study was to explore the experiences and perceptions of nursing students with mental health conditions’ clinical experiences in the inpatient setting. This qualitative descriptive study provides information to help nurse educators create teaching interventions for nursing students with mental health conditions to increase their success in the inpatient clinical setting.

Tuesday, Nov. 15, 4-4:50 p.m. Event

1. Social Media & Stories of Campus Sexual Assault

Molly C. Driessen, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Social Work, Department of Social Work and Equitable Community Practice
Department of Social Work & Equitable Community Practice, SIHS

• This presentation will describe and share the preliminary results of a qualitative research study exploring the role of social media, specifically Instagram, as a platform through which undergraduate students share their stories of campus sexual assault (CSA). Although researching the use of social media as a platform for victim-survivors of sexual violence is not new, it remains limited. As COVID-19 has demonstrated, student life, whether socially or in the forms of academics and activism, continues to be translated onto virtual platforms where students interact, advocate, and learn.

2. Work flexibility: Navigating the new workforce with a focus on diversity, equity, and Inclusion of front-line workers

Elisa Valenzuela, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Management
Business Administration Department, SASBE

• The post-pandemic months have raised questions regarding the future of work and how we organize. Most of those questions relate to improving workers’ flexibility, equity challenges, the disparate impact of job flexibility among frontline workers versus knowledge workers, females versus males, and the unintended consequences that a career choice to stay remote versus in-person might have on employees.

Oct. 19, 2022 Event

1. Cardiac Impact of anti-diabetic medications

Zhao Li, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

• Sodium-dependent Glucose co-Transporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitor empagliflozin and GLP-1 receptor (GLP-1R) agonist liraglutide are characterized as having cardiovascular benefits in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D). In this study, we further employed hypoxia-reoxygenation (H/R) model to explore the cardiovascular benefits of these two drugs, alone or in combination without the presence of diabetes.

2. The Impact of Pre-student Teaching Clinical Experience on Literacy Preservice Teachers’ Pedagogical Development and Their Perception as Teachers

-Randa Elbih, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
-Dianna Wentzell, Director of Clinical Practice
Department of Education, SASBE

• This qualitative case study examined the impact of pre-student teaching clinical experience on literacy pre-service teachers’ pedagogical development and their perception as teachers. Educational implications on the use of reflective practices and the role of supportive cooperating teachers and university supervisors will be discussed.

Sept. 13, 2022 Event

Perceptions of undergraduate nursing students on racism and racial disparities in maternal health

Presenter: Monika Costa, Nursing

  • This will be a presentation of dissertation study findings on undergraduate nursing students’ perceptions and understanding of how racial disparities, racism, and bias affect maternal health outcomes in the United States. The presentation will also discuss recommendations for nursing education practice.

On Beyond Kohlberg- Moral Development Goes Global [and Biological]

Presenter: Elly Vozzola, SIHS

  •  In updating my 2014 text, Moral Development: Theory and Application, for 2022, co-author and former USJ student Dr. Amie Senland and I had to do a deep dive into current scholarship across a dizzying array of perspectives. Hot new areas included early childhood moral and empathic development, “evo-devo” evolutionary development, neuroscientific explorations of morality, the cultural developmental perspective, and Jonathan Haidt’s moral foundations theory. This talk addresses the process of integrating new ideas and scholarship while also selecting and presenting older, classic theories and research that have either been foundational to the field or have been forgotten—but should not be!  

Previous Talks

Agora Series Highlights

Presenter: Yvonne Joy

  • It Starts with a Problem-PechaKucha Style

Presenter: Chadene Tremaglio

  • It’s the Journey, Not the Destination: The Educational Value of “Failure” in Scientific Research, and How it Led to Success in a Course-Based Research Project on Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Philosophy, Theology, and Religious Studies (SASBE)
Presenter: Father Joseph Cheah

  • Jesus, the Perpetual Foreigner

Education (SASBE)
Presenter: Anthony Johnston

  • TIPPS for Teachers: An Integrated Heuristic in Teacher Preparation

Social Work and Equitable Community Practice (SIHS)
Presenter: Christiana Best 

  • Beyond the Ivory Tower: Using Podcasting to Educate, Build Relationship and Inspire Change 

Pharmaceutical Sciences (SOPPAS)   
Presenter: Doreen Szollosi

  • Returning to a Pre-antibiotic era: the threat of antibiotic resistance isn’t looming (it’s here) 

Business Administration (SASBE) 
Presenter: Rammi Hazzaa

  • Promoting sport employees’ well-being and development through positive organizational behavior 

Spanish (SASBE) 
Presenter: Rachel Payne

  • Pathways to Inclusion: Pairing Universal Design for Learning & Open Educational Resources for Language Learning 

Pharmaceutical Sciences (SOPPAS) 
Presenter: Anisha Gupta

  • Nucleic acid-based therapy for targeting OncomiRs 

Nursing (SIHS) 
Presenter: Karen Myrick

  • Evaluating the Sensitivity, Specificity Predictive Value of Myrick THIRD Test for Hip Labral Tears, a 13-year Retrospective Study 

Nutrition and Public Health (SIHS) 
Presenter: Kaydian Reid

  • A Qualitative Study Utilizing the Health Belief Model in Understanding College Students Behaviors during the COVID-19 Pandemic 
Meg Gaughan
Assistant Professor of Nutrition
Derek Dube
Assistant Professor of Biology, SRCA Director