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Biology, B.S.

Explore your many options as an undergraduate Biology major

Contemplating a career in the health professions or biomedical sciences? USJ’s outstanding Biology curriculum offers courses in the fields of ecology, biotechnology, genetics, immunology, microbiology, zoology, plant biology, and more.

Take the first step toward a career as a dentist or physician, ranked among the best jobs by U.S. News & World Report, and pursue the best major for the jobs, Biology.

As a Biology major, you have numerous opportunities to engage in firsthand research and work alongside professional scientists.

If you qualify, you can move through our Accelerated Master of Biology program, participate in our pre-pharmacy plan of study, or move right into a physical therapy doctoral program through a dual degree program with University of Hartford.

For those highly motivated and prepared students, Biology offers a 3.5 year plan of study that allows you to graduate early. This can help with your costs, ability to move into your next program or into the workforce earlier. Connect with your academic advisor to learn more.

Learn more about a major or minor in Biology.

Our diverse faculty includes an ornithologist, an aquatic ecologist, a cardiologist, a neuroscientist, a pharmacologist, a microbiologist and a geneticist. Many have ongoing research programs and have published their research findings in national and international journals.

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