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Biochemistry Graduate Program Online

The master of science in Biochemistry at USJ is an integrated program combining coursework in the fields of Biology and Chemistry in an online format

Throughout the nation, biochemistry is becoming an increasingly popular and effective field of study, serving as a springboard for graduate school and for careers in a variety of industries.

Students holding beakers for experiments in the University of Saint Joseph's Biochemistry Master's ProgramAs a graduate of one of the top biochemistry graduate school programs, you will have employment opportunities in Biology and Chemistry, as well as in jobs requiring an integrated program. You will also be prepared for professional training in medicine, pharmacy and allied health programs. This program is perfect for members of the armed services stationed throughout the world. Our flexible format will meet their terms and locations of service.

Designed for working professionals, the program offers flexible options with all courses offered online.

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  • You may culminate your degree with either a thesis or non-thesis option, each of which results in 30 graduate-level credits and a Master of Science degree.
  • Courses include Biochemistry, Molecular Genetics, Medicinal Chemistry, Introduction to the Biochemistry of Cancer and more.
  • The program provides students with unique opportunities to broaden your application of chemistry and biology by taking courses such as Toxicology, Forensic Chemistry, Biochemistry of Cancer and Biochemistry of Obesity and Diabetes.

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