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Health Science (Direct-Entry PA), B.S.

Earn guaranteed admission to USJ's Physician Assistant (PA) Studies Program through this competitive major

This seven-semester, interdisciplinary bachelor's degree in Health Science prepares students for post-graduate success in USJ's Physician Assistant Studies Program.

The 7 semester Pre-PA track is open to high school graduates who meet the admissions requirements specific to the program and then meet the yearly benchmarks through their junior year. Students that meet all the benchmarks and pass an in person interview are then guaranteed a seat in the USJ PA program beginning the January after their 7th semester.

Health Science is an interdisciplinary program of study for undergraduate students interested in entering USJ's Physician Assistant Studies program. The seven-semester, Direct-Entry PA Studies Track is open to high school graduates who meet the admission requirements.

Students who meet the yearly academic benchmarks and successfully complete the interview during their senior year are guaranteed a seat in the USJ PA Studies program in January, following their seventh semester.

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