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Pharmacy Student Handbook & Dress Code

Dress for success as a USJ Doctor of Pharmacy student

As a student in the University of Saint Joseph School of Pharmacy and Physician Assistant Studies, the expectations regarding your behavior and dress require a high professional standard.

When in the Pharmacy School building, whether or not attending a class, you are expected to use good judgment in selecting attire that is tasteful, enhances your appearance, and projects a professional image. In general, business casual dress is preferred for men and women.

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Inappropriate and unacceptable dress includes:

  • Scrubs
  • Spandex
  • Low cut/backless shirts/blouses/halters/tank tops
  • Inappropriate language or symbols on clothing of any type
  • Exposed midriff
  • Body piercings other than earrings worn in the ear lobe
  • Flip flops

Additional Dress Code Clarifications and Requirements:

  • Your USJ Identification Badge provided to you during orientation must be visibly worn at all times when you are in the Pharmacy School or any other USJ building.
  • White Coats, when worn, must be clean and neatly pressed.
  • Footwear should be clean and appropriate for the setting (no open-toed shoes in lab).
  • Although non-overwhelming perfumes or light colognes may be worn in class, while on rotations keep in mind that many people are offended by, or allergic to, chemical scents or odors and that you may not be able or allowed to wear them.
  • Jewelry should be conservative in style and kept to a minimum to prevent loss or injury to self or patients. Dangling earrings and bracelets/bangles should not be worn in the practice setting.
  • Hair maintenance: hair should be neat and clean, and styled off the face and out of the eyes. Beards and mustaches should be clean and well groomed.
  • Nails should be clean, well groomed, manicured and of short to medium length to facilitate patient-care activities.
  • Activities in specific laboratories and patient areas in which instructors or institutional policy requires a specific dress or a standard above this dress code supersedes this policy.
  • Students are required to adhere to this dress code while on rotations unless a specific dress or a standard above this dress code specifically supersedes this policy. Please consult the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Handbook for further information.
  • The University Dress Code falls under the Code of Professional Standards and Progression in the School of Pharmacy and Physician Assistant Studies.
  • Any medical condition or religious belief that inhibits adherence to the school Dress Code should be discussed with the Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs.
  • Students inappropriately dressed or groomed may be dismissed from classes and/or asked to leave the building and requested to comply with the standards outlined in this document.

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