Faculty-Student Research Roundtables

The Faculty Student Research Roundtable Event took place on on April 17, 2024 during Symposium Day. This event was for all undergraduate and graduate students interested in learning about research and seeking research opportunities. USJ Research mentors used this event to seek out students to hire for research opportunities and internships positions in Biology, Chemistry, Nursing, Physician Assistant, Pharmacy, Psychology, Education and Social Work. Even those students not actively looking for research opportunities came to network with research mentors and research students from various disciplines at USJ.

Date: Wednesday, April 17, 2024 | 12:10-1:10 p.m.
Location: Mercy Hall, Crystal Room

Event Flyer

Education (Table 1)  
What is Educational Research
Hosts: Dr. Shuai Zhang and Dr. Sebnem Atabas 
Video Invitation from Dr. Zhang
Chemistry (Table 2)  
Using Chemistry to Make the Invisible Seen
Host: Dr. Nicola Edwards
Biology (Table 3)  
Exploring how larval experiences and learning influence adult behaviors
Host: Dr. Jesse Balaban-Feld
Pharmacy (Table 4)
At the Heart of Diabetes 
Host: Dr. Zhao Li 
Computer Science (Table 5) 
Simulated learning environment
Host: Dr. Tom Calabrese 
Public Health (Table 6) 
Improving and sustaining population-level health while achieving health equity 
Host: Dr. Kaydian Reid  
Nursing (Table 7)  
Ending the Silence: Mental Health on College Campuses
Host: Dr. Lynne E Benjamin  
USJ Research Ambassadors (Table 8) 
Research: Why does it matter?  
Hosts: Julia Martocchio

Spring 2024 Faculty Student Research Roundtable Photos