Symposium Day

Symposium Day is a day-long event that is designed to carry out the University’s mission to develop the potential of our students by offering them the opportunity to publicly demonstrate their achievements in a wide array of academic and professional studies.

2019 Symposium Day Program

2019 Symposium Day Recap

The University of Saint Joseph (USJ) held its annual Symposium Day on Wednesday, April 10, 2019, offering the campus community the opportunity to immerse themselves in the exemplary work conducted by students on and off campus this year.

Once again organized by Marte Ostvik-De Wilde, Ph.D., assistant professor of Counseling and Applied Behavioral Studies, and Irene Guttilla Reed, Ph.D., associate professor of Biology, Symposium Day consisted of presentations from more than 75 students across the University’s three academic schools.

“It was a great day to see students and faculty working together to showcase research. It shows the spirit of the campus and how everyone cares about their disciplines and specialties and wants to share it with others. We had a great showing of students, staff, Board of Trustee members, administration, and faculty,” said Dr. Ostvik-de Wilde.

For Jesse Crandall, Ph.D., assistant professor of Chemistry, the introduction of the Student and Faculty Research Roundtable was a standout event of the day.

“This is my second Symposium Day, and the first with this roundtable feature,” he said. “The combination of seeing poster and oral presentations along with meeting with faculty about research led to the students being super engaged and motivated to discuss research in the future. That was a big plus, and I think it will pay dividends as we go forward.”

To learn more about student work, visit the Center for Student Research and Creative Activity.

Q&A with Symposium Day Presenter Tara Moseni

What was the title of your presentation?
A Self-Taught Spanish Grammar Book for Advanced Students.

What was the format (oral, poster, discussion table, etc.)?
The format of the presentation was a 100-page grammar book that I created while I studied abroad in Spain.

What was the “big finding/take away message” from your work?
America’s education system puts in minimum effort for college students to learn a language besides their native one. Thus I created the Self-Taught Spanish Grammar Book for Advanced Students who learn subjects best by teaching themselves through the stated answers to recognize patterns, vocabulary, and multiple tenses of a language.

What did you take away from the experience of presenting at this conference?
After presenting at the conference, I believe that with dedication, anyone can learn a language.

Who helped you with your research (e.g. faculty advisor, etc.), or what context/class did you do it for?
Throughout my years at the University of Saint Joseph, I was able to sit in the lectures of two great Spanish professors, Dr. Payne and Dr. Valencia and I transferred my lecture notes into the grammar book!  Being a Spanish tutor in the CAE and the knowledge of the other Spanish tutor were two additional resources that assisted with my research.

What is your major and graduating year?
I am a Nursing Major and I graduate in 2019.

Anything else you would like to add?
I speak Farsi, English, Spanish, and I can read and write in Arabic. I also know the basics of several Middle Eastern languages through traveling for communication.

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