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Interdisciplinary Writing & Reasoning

Strengthen your critical thinking, writing and disciplinary literacies

USJ's Interdisciplinary Writing & Reasoning Program uses writing and literacy to help the community further develop its culture of critical thought.

Our services include:

USJ Writing Portfolio Program

As a University, we believe the achievement of competent writing skills is an inherent part of an undergraduate education and is needed to succeed in the professional setting and graduate school. That's why each USJ student develops a writing portfolio as an undergraduate.

The writing portfolio:

  • Helps students track their writing progress while at USJ
  • Allows students to look back at individual pieces of writing and reflect on their progress
  • Assesses how USJ students write in order to guide curriculum development
  • Helps students achieve competency in writing before graduation

Faculty Resources

Our staff is available for consultations, class visits and workshops on the following topics:

  • Designing effective writing assignments
  • Developing assignments that elicit critical reasoning
  • Developing effective pedagogies for critical reasoning
  • Strategies for evoking thoughtful comments in class discussion
  • Peer review and peer assessment
  • Best practices for responding to student writing
  • Methods for helping students read more deeply
  • Multi-literacies and multi-modalities
  • Critical pedagogy
  • Problem-based learning
  • Situated learning
  • Communities of practice
  • Effective low-stakes writing assignments and writing to learn methods
  • Incorporating self-assessment and meta-cognition into the learning environment

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