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General Education Requirements

Core Curriculum

The USJ General Education, Core Curriculum consists of a wide range of courses specifically designed by faculty to sharpen your skills in critical thinking, communication, teamwork, and investigation.

For students arriving to USJ directly from high school, the following are ordinarily required.

Rooted in the institution’s Core Values, these courses help students understand diverse belief systems, as well as the importance of serving others, both professionally and in civic life.

First-Year Seminar (FYS)
Immerse yourself in the USJ culture – both in and out of the classroom – while gaining an awareness of the distinct learning strategies you will utilize throughout your four years at USJ. Critical Concerns Themed course fall semester (3 credits) and Critical Concerns Practicum spring semester (1 credit).
- Two courses (4 credits total)

Philosophy (PHIL)
Dive into the fundamental questions of life: What is the nature of reality? Where do we fit in to the big picture? How are value and meaning assigned? Grappling with these topics will sharpen your skills in critical and independent thinking.
- One course (3 credits total)

Religious Studies (RELS)
Explore religious traditions and beliefs, while focusing on how faith intersects with issues of women, race and ethnicity, social justice, and religious pluralism.
– Two courses (each course is 3 credits)

Mercy Integrative Seminar (INTD)
Pull together your Core and Major learning with your values to investigate and respond to a real-life problem.
- One course (3 credits)

Essential For...

...success in your academic and career path
...personal development, responsible citizenship, and spiritual growth
...your life

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