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School of Arts, Sciences, Business, and Education

School of Interdisciplinary Health and Science

School of Pharmacy and Physician Assistant Studies

Honors Program

SRCA Committee

UDL Teaching Fellows

Faculty Emeriti

Dennis Barone, Ph.D. 
Taught from 1986-2020         
English and American Studies

Kathleen A. Butler, Ph.D.       
Taught from 2001-2015         

Vivian  Carlson, Ph.D. 
Taught from 2001-2017         
Human Development & Family Studies

Lydia M. Conca, Ph.D.
Taught from 1994-2016         

Ronald W. DeGray, Ph.D.                   
Taught from 1981-2004

Nancy Drew, Ph.D.    
Taught from 1990-2005 

Kerry Driscoll, Ph.D.   
Taught from 1990-2018         

Judith C. Durham, Ph.D.
Taught from 2001-2014         

Linda Geffner, M.L.S.
Member of USJ from 1971-2017       
Pope Pius XII Library

Esther Haloburdo, Ph.D.
Taught from 1977-2002

Joan Hofmann, Ph.D. 
Taught from 1991-2015         

Barbara A. Kathe, ’64, M’67, Ph.D.
Taught from 1979-1995

Dorothy Keller, M’85, C’97, DAA’99, H’17, M.Ed.
Taught from 1967-2021
Fine Arts

Barbara E. Lacey, Ph.D.         
Taught from 1982-2006 
History & Society

Elizabeth Markham, Ph.D.
Taught from 1964-1999

Richard Halstead, Ph.D.
Taught from 1995-2021
Counseling and Applied Behavioral Studies

Peter Markow
Taught from 1985-2014         

Harold McKone, Ph.D.
Taught from 1968-2006

Karen Palmunen, Ph.D.          
Taught from 1986-2012         

Judith  Perkins, Ph.D. 
Taught from 1978-2011         
Culture, Arts, & Languages

Shyamala Raman, Ph.D.         
Taught from 1983-2016         
History & Society

Julius H. Rubin, Ph.D. 
Taught from 1979-2014         
History & Society

Elizabeth Vozzola, Ph.D.         
Taught from 1994-2019

Marylouise Welch, Ph.D.      
Taught from 1980-2009 

Mary Alice Wolf, Ph.D.           
Taught from 1983-2013         
Human Development & Family Studies

Stanley Battle, Ph.D.           
Taught from 2013-2019         
Social Work/Equitable Community Practice

Richard Halstead, Ph.D.           
Taught from 1995 – 2021     
Counseling & Applied Behavioral Studies

Margery Lawrence, Ph.D.           
Taught from 1986 – 2021    
Nutrition & Public Health

Joseph Ofosu, Ph.D.           
Taught from 2009 – 2020    
School of Pharmacy & Physician Assistant Studies

Nelly Rojas Schwan, Ph.D.           
Taught from 2009 – 2020    
Social Work/Equitable Community Practice

Wayne Steely, Ph.D.           
Taught from 1985 – 2021
Culture, Arts, & Languages


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