Biology, B.S. (3.5 Year Plan)

Undergraduate biology majors may choose a 3.5-year plan of study

This is a pathway using courses and curricula in the existing and approved Biology B.S. program for students to earn their degree in 3.5 years.

This shortened timeframe will save time to degree, costs, and be able to focus on next steps whether it is to attend a graduate program, medical program or move into the workforce.

To be successful in this timeframe students that attempt this accelerated timeframe should have strong high school GPA. Those students that matriculate with AP courses will also find the workload less rigorous and also taking some courses during summer can allow for more flexibility to take other courses you would like to explore.

All requirements of the Biology B.S. must be met along with all other university degree requirements.

The program’s plan of study will satisfy most medical, including physician’s assistant programs, and graduate school requirements. Be sure to review exactly the requirements of any school you are interested to determine specifics.

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