Environmental Science Certificate (Online)

Explore local and global issues

With the increased regional and global attention on environmental issues, the Environmental Science Graduate Certificate is well suited for both current and future students interested in careers in the environmental field or for those students who are educators.

Program Curriculum

Biology student

This certificate provides students with a broad overview of the biological basis of environmental science with a focus on human-environment interactions and organismal biology. With environmental jobs expected to increase by 11% by 2024 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics1, this certificate will improve a student’s position to step into an environmental field or move into further education avenues.

This certificate consists of four courses (12 credits) that are part of the online Biology master’s of science.

Admission Requirements

  1. Graduate admission application and nonrefundable application fee
  2. A baccalaureate degree in Biology or related field (ex: cell biology, ecology, marine biology, genetics, zoology, plant biology, evolutionary biology, microbiology) from a regionally accredited institution. If the degree is not in Biology, transcripts must reflect a B or better for a minimum of four Biology lab courses
  3. Sealed official transcripts of all undergraduate work from all colleges attended (minimum GPA of 3.0)
  4. Two letters recommending the candidate for graduate work at University of Saint Joseph from individuals who can comment cogently upon the ability of the candidate to perform in graduate studies
  5. A letter of intent stating the reason for wanting the degree or certificate, the courses of interest, possible transfer courses to be brought into the program, and what the student will be bringing to the program
  6. Planned program of study
  7. If the GPA is borderline, the student must submit a 600-word essay with appropriate citations on a science topic of applicant’s choice.
  8. Note: We no longer require the GREs for matriculation

Note: Matriculated students have priority to register for courses during the registration period.

Financial aid is only available to students who are formally accepted and matriculated.

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