Sport Management & Promotion, B.S.

Get your hands dirty behind the scenes of the sports industry with a degree in Sports Management and Promotion

With a comprehensive curriculum and internship opportunities abounding, USJ’s Sport Management and Promotion Program prepares students to succeed as professionals in the world of sports and business.

In the Sport Management & Promotion program, you will be introduced to the most current concepts, practices, and theories related to the business of sports by industry experienced faculty. There will be a strong focus on technology, ethical values, and personal integrity.

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Why Major in Sport Management and Promotion?

For students who love the world of sports and want a fast-paced career, the Sport Management and Promotion major at USJ can open the door to job opportunities in this competitive industry. If you dream of spending your days in a stadium on gameday, or seek the challenge of managing the marketing for a baseball team, a degree in sport management can set you on the path to becoming a changemaker in the world of sports.

Our B.S. in Sport Management and Promotion is an innovative program that combines foundational business concepts with real-world internship experience to prepare you for a thrilling career in this non-stop, challenging, and incredibly rewarding industry.

Program Overview

The Sport Management and Promotion major equips students with the in-depth industry knowledge required for their future careers. The industry might be competitive, but so are our students.

Our program features a comprehensive curriculum that addresses each aspect of the complex world of sport management and promotion. From business topics like marketing to industry-specific classes on venue management and sports law, students learn the ins and outs of every aspect of the world of sports.

Courses include:

  • Human Behavior in Organizations
  • Business Law and Sports law
  • Marketing Management
  • Venue Management and Design
  • Ethics in Sports

The true strength of this major comes from our internship program. In the sports industry, your experience matters just as much as your degree. At USJ, you will have the opportunity to take part in internships on campus, as well as off campus with local sports teams and media and marketing companies.

Every Sport Management and Promotion major is assigned an academic advisor who works with them to ensure their four-year plan of study includes all general education and major-specific courses that are required both for their degree as well as for their future career.

Find an Exciting Career with a B.S. in Sport Management and Promotion

Our Sport Management and Promotion major opens the door to careers in the exciting and competitive athletic industry.

Careers in Sport Management and Promotion

Careers in the sports industry are nothing short of exhilarating. No matter what level of the industry you find yourself in, the B.S. in Sport Management and Promotion will help you land a career that suits your unique goals.

You could find yourself working in event management-helping to coordinate ticket sellers, managing event staff, and advising on all logistics of a game or tournament. Or, you may choose to work in marketing and public relations, orchestrating the daily business and organizational management of a franchise from the top down. Some career opportunities for our graduates include:

  • Sport Team Management
  • Recreation Administration
  • Health and Fitness Management
  • Sport Marketing
  • Business management
  • Venue and Event Management



Janet Howes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Business Administration at [email protected] or 860.231.5395

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