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Work toward your graduate degree in Chemistry

Enhance your skills in the chemical sciences and prepare for professional advancement with USJ’s online graduate program in chemistry.

Designed for working professionals, the graduate program in Chemistry offers flexible track options and online courses. A Master of Science degree in Chemistry enables graduate students to increase the depth and scope of their knowledge by working and studying alongside practicing chemists from both academia and industry.

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Program Facts



Program Outcomes

The student will:

  • Recognize the interconnections between different areas of Chemistry
  • Relate advanced areas of Chemistry to each other.
  • Recognize periodic trends and use them to predict and explain structure and reactivity.
  • Interpret the relationship between the physical properties of reactants and products to their reactivity.
  • Analyze chemical reactions in Organic, Inorganic, and Biochemistry.
  • Apply advanced chemical principles to one or more of the following: Forensic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, or Cancer Biochemistry
  • Formulate chemical mechanisms for organic reactions.
  • Evaluate the research literature in Chemistry and Biochemistry.
  • Use advanced chemical concepts to solve novel problems.

Career Opportunities:

  • Analytical Chemists – Analyze substances, such as food and drugs, to identify the present components and determine the way in which they react with one another
  • Chemistry Teacher or Instructor – Teach chemistry concepts and facilitate lab activities for students at high schools or community colleges
  • Forensic Scientists – Search for and analyze forensic materials at crime scenes, later presenting the work as evidence for use in investigations and legal cases
  • Pharmacologists – A lab-based position that requires individuals to develop and test drugs, analyzing their interactions with biological systems in order to provide safe and effective medications to the public
  • Toxicologists – A lab-based position that involves the study of drug effects on biological systems, as well as the development of methodologies to determine both the harmful effects of substances and the correct dosages to avoid those effects


USJ’s online graduate Chemistry program is designed for working professionals. Students can earn this degree while meeting the responsibilities of their everyday lives. Flexible course options taught by expert and experienced faculty members ensure that students develop an in-depth knowledge of chemistry that effectively prepares them to pursue their ideal career.

A master’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Saint Joseph will provide you with the educational foundation necessary to further your education in doctoral and professional programs or excel in the career or of your choice. Whether you’re interested in researching chemical properties and structures, developing new technologies, studying chemical compounds in pharmaceutical drugs, or improving existing manufacturing processes, there are unique opportunities for you in a variety of fields and industries.

Thank you! What a great service (Career Development Center) USJ provides! I am currently employed in my industry (chemistry).

– Benjamin Pizio M’20, USJ Online Chemistry, M.S. student


Robert Torregrosa, Ph.D.
Director, Graduate Programs, Department of Chemistry
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Phone: 860.231.5854
Email: [email protected]

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