Spanish, B.A.

Enhance your ability to communicate on a multilingual level as a USJ Spanish major

The study of another language will expand your cultural awareness and sharpen your communication skills, enabling you to compete on a global level.

Our program goes beyond the study of a language and incorporates the study of the many Hispanic cultures. Our faculty are recognized for their academic distinction in the Culture, Arts, and Languages field.

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Program Benefits

  • Program Options
    USJ offers a B.A. degree in Spanish and a traditional minor in Spanish, as well as a minor and certificate program in Latino Community Practice, a professional credential for students who wish to gain social science research skills and Spanish language fluency in order to work with the Latino population.
  • An Interdisciplinary Curriculum
    You will learn to speak, read, and write with conversational ease as you study Spanish in cultural, literary, and historical contexts. Our curriculum recommends related courses in art history, business, political science and literature.
  • Study Abroad
    Spanish majors spend a semester or year abroad as part of a cultural internship. This invaluable experience provides the opportunity to live and study in a Spanish-speaking country.
  • Professional Opportunity
    With a Spanish major, you can work in the fields of education, government, business, and human services. Graduates have secured employment as teachers, translators, and representatives at Epcot Center, the International Development Bank, and public and private schools throughout the region.

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Diana Valencia, Ph.D.
Chair, Culture, Arts and Languages
Phone: 860.231.5595
Email: [email protected]

Career Opportunities for Spanish Majors


  • Export/Import Representative
  • Foreign Creditor
  • Trade Analyst
  • Translator

Human Services:

  • Counselor
  • Criminal Investigator
  • ESL Teacher
  • Social Worker
  • Human Resources


  • Announcer (Media)
  • Professor
  • Teacher


  • Customs Inspector
  • Diplomat
  • Embassy Personnel
  • FBI Agent
  • Foreign Service Representative
  • Immigration Supervisor
  • Interpreter
  • National Security Agency
  • United Nations Representative/Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to study abroad to major in Spanish?

Studying abroad isn’t a chore; it’s an opportunity. You will be able to explore a new culture and gain intimate knowledge of how the society of that country works. USJ requires Spanish majors to study abroad because it is essential to immerse yourself in a culture in order to create an understanding of the language. Learn more about our Study Abroad program.

When I graduate, will I be able to get a job with a degree in languages? What types of careers are there?

Yes! Speaking a second language can often put you ahead in a job interview, and the demand for bilingual individuals in the workplace is on the rise. If you choose to include Spanish in your major or minor, it can provide opportunities for the future as well as job security. If you are interested in teaching, language teachers in Connecticut are in extremely high demand. For more information about careers in teaching, please contact Jill Mack. Explore our Career Opportunities or for more information.

Since I am learning a new language, does that mean it will be harder than other majors USJ has to offer?

It doesn’t have to be. If you learn a new language at USJ, our excellent professors will assist you at every turn, and our Center for Academic Excellence will provide any help and support you need during the school year. The faculty is accessible for help or consultation, and there are also many opportunities to practice language and participate in cultural events on campus.

How do I know majoring or minoring in languages is right for me?

If you love to socialize, learn about new cultures, and connect with others on the global scale, languages could be perfect for you. Languages can help you get ahead in the job market, interact with others from different countries, and assist you if you should decide to travel.

What do I need for a Spanish major?

In addition to the General Education requirements, Spanish majors must take a minimum of 30 credits at the 200 level or above. For a Spanish minor, students must study 18 credits in the language, with three credits at the 300 level or above. Learn more about General Education requirements.

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