Education – Multiple Intelligences Theory Concentration, M.A.

The M.A. in Education, Multiple Intelligences Theory Concentration is a 30-credit program that focuses on the application of multiple intelligences theory and the arts in traditional and inclusive classrooms as a means to engage students.

Degree Program Designed for Working Professionals

The Education-Multiple Intelligences Theory M.A. program is designed with the working professional in mind. Courses are offered around the state of Connecticut in off-campus locations, typically begin at or after 4 p.m., and include the option to complete the program on a full- or part-time basis.

Program Catalog

Program Outcomes

  • Learn to differentiate instruction and assessments through the lens of multiple intelligences theory and application of the arts
  • Develop rudimentary knowledge and abilities in the arts as a platform for developing strategies which will engage students of various learning styles and abilities across grades and content areas
  • Develop the ability to use multiple intelligences theory as a process to observe children and to use that data to differentiate instruction and assessment