Special Education, M.A. with Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities

Evidenced-based Instruction and Assessment for Students with Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities  

Dyslexia affects somewhere between 10-20% of children learning to read and is, by far, the most common learning disability teachers must address in their classrooms. Teachers are eager to develop the skills and strategies demonstrated by research to be most effective in teaching students with dyslexia and to help them become the strongest readers possible. 

Candidates in this program complete a rigorous Master of Arts in Special Education degree while also completing a certificate in Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities. The sequence of courses are designed to develop teachers’ efficacy in providing comprehensive reading instruction that is highly effective for students with dyslexia and for all struggling readers. This course sequence addresses language and literacy development, assessment, and the design and delivery of intensive interventions to address difficulties in word reading, vocabulary development, language and reading comprehension, and writing abilities. This new program provides teachers with the knowledge they need to unlock the potential of students with dyslexia and provide these students access to the learning opportunities in literacy that they deserve. 

The graduate program in Special Education with a graduate certificate in Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities is designed to meet the needs of educators, parents and related services providers who seek to enhance knowledge and skills to meet the needs of children with Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities. 

This format of the program is fully online, synchronous, with weekly contact and interaction with colleagues and instructors. 

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Required Courses in MA degree (12 credits)  

  • SPEC 539: Universal Design for Learning  
  • SPEC 505: Assistive Technology  
  • *SPEC 543: Intensive Writing Interventions  
  • SPEC 530: Capstone Research in Special Education  

 Specialization Coursework (18 credits)  

  • *SPEC 545- Seminar in Intensive Interventions in Reading: Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities (3 credits)  
  • *SPEC 572: Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities: Connecting Assessment to Instruction (3 credits)   
  • * SPEC 540: Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Interventions (3 credits)   
  • * SPEC 574: Seminar in Literacy Assessment: Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities (3 credits)   
  • SPEC 590: Special Topics (3 credits)  
  • SPEC 596: Practicum (3 credits)   

 *Graduate Certificate Coursework 


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