Political Science, B.A.

This innovative major offers a variety of prospects in high-demand fields and ways to understand our world, country, and community

As a Political Science major at USJ, you will pursue your passion for learning about the dynamics of complex local and global issues. The major appeals to a wide range of students, especially those interested in policy analysis, community advocacy, political activism, public administration, journalism, conventional and social entrepreneurship, and pre-law.

Students in this major can pursue many different goals with this course of study: preparation for work in fields related to activism, policy analysis, and advocacy, government and business employment; and preparation for programs of graduate study in the Social Sciences, Public or Business Administration; Public Policy; or Law, among others.

With a variety of internships and research opportunities, you have an opportunity to earn an undergraduate degree and decide on the career path that’s best for you.

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Please use this academic map as a reference guide. Academic advisors are always available to discuss the required courses depending on each student’s needs.


Internships and Career Opportunities

Political Science  majors complete a credit-bearing internship before graduation with opportunities at the State of Connecticut, the City of Harford, Community Court, local law firms, and more. Students can pursue careers in activism, policy analysis and advocacy, government, and business. This major also prepares students for graduate study in the social sciences, public administration, or law. All graduates may pursue a variety of careers, including administrators, paralegals, client advocates, public partnership specialists, paralegals, legal assistants, community engagement coordinators, political science, and advocacy managers, and more.


Students majoring in Political Science will demonstrate in-depth knowledge of political systems, policies, and conflicts in various nations, including the United States, and between nations. Describe major historical contributions to theories of politics. Develop and apply critical thinking skills and, in a significant research project, demonstrate communication skills. Situate political events and political writings within their historical and cultural contexts.

Clubs and Organizations

Student Government Association (S.G.A.)

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Kenneth Long, Ph.D.
Professor and Director, Political Science
History and Political Science
Phone: 860.231.5766
Email: [email protected]

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