History and Society

Understand the past. Shape your future. Study History or Political Science at USJ.

Don’t just study history: be a historian.

USJ’s history and society programs offers robust education that prepares students for any number of career paths as well as understanding the increasingly complex world in which we live. Learn about policy and the past in wide-ranging and often hands-on courses that foster the development of critical thinking skills so as to do meaningful work in the present. 

Check out USJ faculty Dr. Jennifer Cote with Lily Stilson (USJ ’20) on NPR’s Where We Live, discussing a class on US cities that restores meaning and dignity to the dead. Read student writing that led to that interview and imagine yourself doing such historical detective work, regularly on offer at USJ.

Our Programs

Program Benefits


  • An Extensive Curriculum
    The curriculum combines traditional courses with new approaches in order to reach a better understanding of the world today.
  • A Strong Foundation
    A degree in History develops the essential “soft” skills of reading, writing, critical thinking, public speaking and collaboration that employers rate most important for the modern workforce. Majors enter careers in education, business, law, management and earn median incomes of $55,000 (source: American Historical Association).

Political Science

  • Paving the way to exciting and successful futures
    Students in this major can pursue many different goals with this course of study. As a Political Science major at USJ, you will pursue your passion for learning about the dynamics of complex local and global issues.

Internship and Career Options

Students majoring in History or Political Science participate in internships and find employment at some of the most exciting organizations, companies, and career fields with the Greater Hartford community, such as:

  • The Connecticut Historical Society
  • The Wethersfield Historical Society
  • The Noah Webster House
  • The Stowe-Day Memorial Library
  • The Connecticut Legislative Offices
  • United Technologies
  • Lobbying Group Associations
  • Local Probate Courts
  • Conservatorship Professionals
  • Any many more!

Career Opportunities

  • Activist
  • Archivist
  • Business Administrator
  • College Teaching
  • Community Organizers/Community Advocate
  • Congressional Aide
  • Consumer Advocate
  • Court Appointed Conservator/Guardian
  • Departmental Historian
  • Education Administrator
  • Election Campaign Staffer
  • Foreign News Correspondent
  • Government Professional
  • Intelligence Specialist
  • International Relations Specialist
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer/Law Associate
  • Lobbyist
  • Museum Director/Staff
  • Policy Analyst
  • Policy Organizer
  • Politician
  • Public Administrator/Manager
  • Public Opinion Pollster
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Research/Technical Advisor
  • Teacher
  • Tour Guide
  • University Researcher

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    Chair, History, and Society
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 860.231.5370

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