Health Informatics Graduate Certificate (Online)

Begin or advance your career with USJ’s Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics — the first 12-credit Health Informatics graduate certificate in Connecticut.

USJ’s online graduate certificate in Health Informatics will provide you with the tools needed to meet the challenges facing health care in the United States.

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What is Health Informatics?

Integrating health care with information technology, Health Informatics combines computer science, math, and statistics to facilitate the management, operation, and decision-making of health services.

Program Benefits

  • Develop the communication, organizational, analytical and problem-solving skills needed to be competitive in this fast-growing industry
  • Gain knowledge of standards and regulations governing health data and health care information systems
  • Excel in data driven decision-making by acquiring skills in data organization and evidence-based analysis
  • Learn to manage systems and conduct analyses to gain an edge in an in-demand field

Program Curriculum

  • HINF 536 / MGMT 536 Introduction to Health Informatics (3 credits)
  • HINF 537 / MGMT 537 Electronic Health Record (3 credits)
  • HINF 538 / MGMT 538 Health Database Design and Management (3 credits)
  • HINF 539 / MGMT 539 Health Data Mining (3 credits)

The courses are co-listed with Management and can be counted as electives toward the MS in Business degree. All courses are offered online and are on a 7- or 8-weeks schedule.

The Path to an Exciting and Successful Future

Students with the Health Informatics certificate are ideal for:

  • Leadership positions in the health care industry (hospitals, clinics), pharmaceuticals, and insurance companies
  • Careers as health care IT professionals
  • Federal and local government positions in the public health and health care arenas

Strong Jobs Outlook for Health Informatics Professionals

  • “Health information professionals can expect to be in high demand as the health sector continues to expand. There are approximately 12,000 to 50,000 new jobs anticipated by 2017.” (American Health Information Management Association)
  • Health Informatics identified as a “hot area where employers are seeking to increase employment.” (CareerBuilder)
  • Government incentive drives need for Health Informatics professionals in Connecticut, as state moves to Electronic Health Records

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