Mathematics with a Concentration in Actuarial Science, B.S.

Apply your aptitude in mathematics to a challenging career in Actuarial Science

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Please use this academic map as a reference guide. Academic advisors are always available to discuss the required courses depending on each student’s needs.

Students at USJ benefit from our Actuarial Science Major Mentoring Program

The purpose of the mentoring program is to provide a unique opportunity for a University of Saint Joseph actuarial science major to build a relationship with an actuarial professional in the insurance /consulting industry in the Greater Hartford area. The program will be a supplement to the support and tools already provided by the University of Saint Joseph, which will aid in successfully navigating the journey of the actuarial profession.

Why Choose a Career in the Actuarial Field?

What is actuarial science and what do actuaries do? Actuaries are professionals trained in mathematics, statistics, economics, and finance to solve problems involving long-term financial impacts on future events. Their skills are greatly valued by organizations that need to quantify financial risks. Actuaries are in high demand and are most commonly employed in the insurance, financial services, and health care industries, as well as in government agencies.

The actuarial profession is one of the most respected, well-compensated, and rewarding fields today. It is consistently rated as one of the best jobs in America based on factors such as job environment, salary, employment outlook, stress level, and growth opportunities. The Actuarial Science program at the University of Saint Joseph will give you the knowledge and skills necessary for meeting the demands of an actuarial career. This program is designed to help you prepare to sit for actuarial exams and stand out as a candidate for summer internships.

The actuarial science concentration has helped me tremendously during my time at USJ. In less than two years, I have been able to experience and learn many things about this profession both in and out of the classroom. One thing that stuck out was the opportunity to attend the CT IFS Actuarial boot camp this past summer.

– Noah Fitzgerald ’22

Being an Actuary is consistently rated as one of the best careers in America in terms of work environment, employment outlook, job security, growth opportunity, and salary. Actuarial science is the most valuable college major, according to a study of 162 degrees.


Internships and Career Opportunities

With an education rooted in the latest actuarial science
practices, students become valuable candidates in a
competitive market and gain real-world experience through internships with insurance companies in the Hartford area, the “Insurance Capital of the World.” Their degree brings together mathematics, statistics, computer science, economics, and finance, ensuring they can serve in numerous settings, including insurance, private corporations, consultation agencies, government organizations, banks and investment firms, public accounting firms, and more.


Students focusing in Mathematics Actuarial Science learn how to use mathematical concepts and procedures, proficiency with modern mathematical technology tools, and prepare for an actuarial science certification with the goal of passing the first two actuarial exams administered by the SOA and CAS before graduation. With the opportunity to minor in Management or Accounting, students will develop a strong business background and complete coursework that also satisfies Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) requirements in Economics and Corporate Finance.

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